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God Winks

Hello Dear Reader,

So yesterday Kim and I had plans to get some dinner together. She takes the tram home from work and that same tram passes by my house. So the plan was for me to take the tram and meet her at a certain spot (where she parked her car) and drive to get food.

I wanted to do this because taking the tram is so much more adventurous than driving. Anyway, she said she would be at her car around 4:45 and being one who loves being early rather than on time I left at 3:50 I wanted to read at the tram stop.

As I left my house I decided to check the mail first then leave. As I was a few steps away I realized I left my business cards at home. I was about to keep waking but something told me I should get them because you never know what opportunities you will come a cross.

Well, getting my business cards and paying for my ticket made me miss a tram. I was a bit disappointed but didn’t care too much.

I was listening to my music and danced over to the bench (I do that often). When I turned around to sit down a woman was behind me and I jumped and apologized. She said it was okay and I should enjoy my music so I sat down bobbing my head along.

As we were sitting there I thought to myself “hey! I’m an Herbalife Wellness Coach now. I can’t just sit here not talking to anyone.”

So I awkwardly asked if she was interested in her nutrition at all and an awesome conversation erupted. It was awesome because if things never happened how they did, I would’ve gotten on the tram I missed and not talked to Ms. Barbara. She was amazing and I’m glad to have talked with her. I gave her my business card asking if she knew anyone who was interested in Herbalife or my writing skills. I hope we can connect and help each other.

What I loved about this experience is that I would’ve never had the chance to meet such an amazing woman had any of those small details changed. If I decided to listen to my music or not go back for my business cards.

What I learned:

1. Things happens for a reason-even the little things.

2. Talk to everyone, you never know who you’ll come across.

3. Get business cards. Period. Even if you don’t have a job. You have talents that can definitely be marketed and expanded upon. At least a calling card or something.

That’s all for now.

Oh by the way, I’m on my fourth pair of pants that I can now fit into ^.^ I feel great. I saw these pair of Levi’s that my boyfriend bought me last year and took a leap of faith hoping they would fit. I was pleasantly surprised. This Herbalife is pretty amazing.

To be honest, I have 4 pairs that still have the tags on them because I couldn’t fit them when he bought them and wanted to keep them just in case. Hopefully next week I can fit into those. If I could I would probably make my whole life about Herbalife because that would be a miracle.

Anyway, I hope you all have a pleasant day 🙂

Weekly Writing Challenge

Hello Dear Reader,

This post will be a bit different. I came across another blog that challenged me to write and became intrigued (the link is below). So this is one of the challenges. I will write about my earliest memory for ten straight minutes.

Starting now:

I looked up at my mama who assured me that a sleep over would be fun. I was almost four-I was a big girl. That didn’t matter to me, as my Aunt Cindy headed toward her house, I cried for my mama. Something about not being with her frightened me. It felt as if I wouldn’t see her again. Whether that was true or not was besides the point. My god sister Sarah sat next to me in the back seat. I don’t know what she was doing because all I could think of was that I might never see mama again. My older sister was already away at my nana’s house. She had already left me and I didn’t want to be without my mama as well. Suddenly we were at Aunt Cindy’s house. Sarah and I had a pillow fight and I’m not sure where I slept. I remember the two of us tumbling together and the fun stopped when Aunt Cindy told us to go to bed. I don’t remember what I had for breakfast or when I took a bath. I do remember exploring the house. It was so big and it hurt my neck to look up at the heaven-like ceiling. I looked in Tanessa’s room. She was Sarah’s older sister and the same age as my big sister Wanda. I remember her bed spread was lighter and her room was very light. It was a sharp contrast to Tim’s room. He was Sarah’s older brother. I went into his room even though I wasn’t supposed to. Something about his darkened and mysterious room seemed intriguing to me. Heaven and Earth was the contrast. Everything was so big and as I went in to explore my mama called me. She had been sitting on the couch for who knows how long. When did she even get there?

Well that was 10 minutes. Surprisingly I thought I would have gotten much more written. Although it’s harder to write when I’m focusing on remembering something such as a first memory. That was fun though. I think I’ll take another challenge soon.

My Own Kind of Beautiful

photo (3) 20130802-124555.jpgHello Dear Reader,

The last day or two has left me very reflective. Sometimes I have to just get out of my own way and move forward.

I’m feeling a bit motivated today. I cleaned up a little and decided to volunteer today. I started volunteering at the Rock Thrift Store last week and had decided to go every Tuesday but last Tuesday I didn’t go because Kim let me borrow her flat iron and I had had it for about a week and so decided to do my hair (which took like 2 hours) instead.

That’s not the best reason not to volunteer but that’s what happened so I made sure I went today. It felt good helping out.

Last night I went shopping for school supplies. I’ll be moving back on campus in September so I picked up a few things. One thing was an amazingly awesome mug that reads “be your own kind of beautiful.”

No I didn’t need it but the message made me feel confident and happy so I got it.

Anyway, I went to a Landmark Forum, what I would like to call “opportunity meeting” and something was reinforced to me. If you change your perspective you change your life. Now that is something that I have been trying to work on but it is not yet mastered.

I feel like everyone tries to get through life the best way we can but to be honest you weren’t meant to go it alone. Not trying to force my religion on you or anything but I believe God made Adam and Eve. Adam became so lonely he asked for a companion.

Most of us believe that going through life as a lone wolf makes us stronger and invulnerable. Truth be told, hanging out with Kim, Dez, and Jen this past month and a half has left me stronger and more fulfilled than I ever had these past 3 years in college trying to go I alone.

I’m just at a point where a world of opportunities seem to be open. I haven’t had this feeling since high school. On Tuesday I was thinking about joining the peace corps, joining the Air Force reserves, going abroad for internships, and many other things. All at once I realized that anything is possible right now.

It was beyond weird and I don’t know what sparked it. Dez and I made a “Crazy Bucket List” and it was amazing. I felt on top of the world as I thought about all that’s possible in life.

Sorry this is so long. I’ve fallen off the wagon with my writing and I’m getting back on starting today and have had so many experiences.

I recently got an internship with a company called Conundrum Alliance. I will be a marketing assistant for now but I hope that I can eventually become a life coach with this company. They are up and coming and I love their mission so I’ll do what I can to support them.

I went to yoga last night and felt amazing.

So here is my “Crazy Bucket List” and I encourage you all to make one as well:

-Become a Fitness Instructor

-Produce a song/demo tape

-Go to Niagara Falls

-Start a Creative Writing Non-Profit

-Go to Japan

-Go Para-sailing

-Learn to Speak Japanese Fluently

-Learn to Speak Spanish Fluently

-Go Scuba Diving

-Become a Life Coach

-Become and Accomplished Writer

-Learn to do a Flip

-Become a Doctor

-Go Zip-lining

-Become a Chiropractor

-Write and Publish a Book

-Learn to Play the Piano

-Build a Working Computer

-Solve a Rubix Cube

-Sail to Puerto Rico

-Do the Splits With Ease

So that’s all the things I want to accomplish before I kick the bucket. I’m going to put this on my fridge and work towards these goals.

I need to post more because so much has been happening to me that I can’t fit it all in one post. You should expect to see more pictures (Not videos unfortunately because it’s too expensive at the moment 😦 sorry).

What I’ve learned this past week:

1. Never give up. You have to go through some bad times so that you can be prepared for the good times.

2. Be who you want to be today. Although it may be hard to be authentic, “be the best version of you today”-everyday. (quote from Coach Susan)

3. Clarify the goals you want to meet and then try your best to meet those goals.

4. Don’t be afraid of failure. We are going to fail sometimes, but don’t let that stop you from acting because failure is how we learn to get better.

5. Talk to people. You never know who you are going to meet and what opportunities you can find. As a person who has been in their shell for many years, just talking to people and sharing my story with them has changed my life immensely.

6. Change your perspective-change your life. If you choose to see closed doors everywhere, that’s what your reality will be. If you open your mind and heart to see the endless possibilities that life has to offer, that’s what your reality is. It pays to be optimistic. 🙂 Now don’t get me wrong, living in the world we live in can make optimism really difficult and sometimes you do have to sift through the darkness to find the silver lining. I assure you that there is always a silver lining. This world we live in offers us so many opportunities but that doesn’t mean they’ll just fall from the sky, we have to take initiative and look for opportunities anywhere and everywhere.

7. Having a support circle does wonders. if you feel that the people you are currently associated with do not support you, remember that there are over a billion people on this planet. Somewhere out there you will find people who you mesh with and who can support you. Since I came to San Diego, I felt like my support system was gone. My friends and family were not in my day to day life. It has been three years and only now am I gaining a support system: Kim, Dez, and Jen. It can be hard but don’t give up, just keep looking.

That’s all I can think of for now. I will post soon. I hope everyone who reads this can take something out of it. I also hope that if there are people out there who are going through hardships, that things will look up for you as soon as possible.


Good Morning Dear Reader,

This morning I’m feeling pretty good. Maybe yesterday was a fluke. Also I’ve decided to take the medicine at night because it makes me sleepy. I can’t afford to sleep through daily opportunities anymore.

Secondly, I am now a wellness coach for 3 people and super excited about it. I want to guide them and myself down a path of healthy living and longevity.

I’m not going to lie, I ate some fried food for dinner last night and feel kinda crappy today. The important thing is that my body has become used to healthier food so it doesn’t accept bad food like it used to. Hooray and Ouch!

I’ve been neglecting my writing lately so I want to start up with that sometime today.

I’m also excited and nervous because I have an interview today. I want to be an intern at the AFLAC company and I’m a tad bit terrified of messing up.

I’m going to wear one of the nice outfits the church gave me and hopefully everything will go well. The church is called Bayview if anyone is interested.

On Tuesday I start volunteering at The Rock Thrift Store and I’m super excited about that. I’ve taking a lot of personality tests and consistently they’ve said I would like volunteering. I am pretty into personality tests, horoscopes, etc so I thought I’d give it a try.

This is because I’m on a quest to overcome my depression and live a healthier life.

If volunteering can make someone like me happy, then I might as well try.

What I’ve learned:

1. Try new things. It can be exciting and you never know what opportunities are hidden.

2. Leave sleeping for the nighttime. You never know what amazing things you’re sleeping through.

3. It’s okay to give into cravings but don’t overdo it. You can have your satisfaction without killing yourself.

That’s about it for now. Later today I’m going to make a post about some social activities I’ve been doing and it’ll have videos 🙂

Turning Around

Good Morning Dear Reader,

So the other day my friend Kim said she believes that things will be turning around for me. 2013 has not been the best year thus far. It has been a struggle with both physical and mental sickness, familial and financial problems as well as academic challenges.

Despite this I do feel like things are looking up.

In the past 7 days I’ve attended 5 workout classes and handed out a few of my business cards. I’m going to become a health coach today and yesterday I received a call saying I have an interview for an internship that I applied for.

Last night I had a conversation with God. I haven’t done this in a while, where I simply talk to Him versus a traditional prayer. I certainly counted my blessings and asked for His help.

I do believe in the power of prayer but I also believe in the power of hard work: you do all that you can to achieve your goal then pray about what you cannot control. Maybe this is the wrong way to look at it, I’m not sure but that’s what I do. But last night I did something that I don’t normally do, I asked God for the strength, courage, and wisdom to push forward in my endeavors.

I’ve always been reluctant to ask help from everyone-even God because I feel like He has so many other people to worry about. If I can do my share and do all that I can without asking Him for help that’ll be less of a burden on Him.

This is probably one of my biggest flaws. If I can’t do something myself I usually give up because I don’t want to burden others for help. I’ve missed so many opportunities with this mind frame…

So, one thing I’ve been telling myself is that it is okay to ask for help. Whew! That took a lot to say that. I mean I’m not totally against asking (I asked Kim to help me research some information). It’s just that the thought of relying on others for support makes me feel vulnerable, weak, and a burden.

Anyway, I was just pondering that this morning. I definitely want to start praying like I used to and realize that I’m not as much of a burden as I think I am.

What I’ve learned:

1. Praying for me is very peaceful

2. It’s okay to ask for help sometimes

That’s all I suppose. I just need to carry this peace with me throughout the day.

Afraid Of Success

Good Evening Dear Reader,

So I have this app called “Transformation” and it gives me a daily assignment to think about each day. I’m not as faithful with it as I’d like to be but one stood out to me. I saw it on July 12 and I can’t get it out of my mind so I’d like to share with you. Each daily assignment begins with a quote then tells you the assignment.

Quote: Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death.~James F. Bymes

Assignment: Today, consider if how you life your life indicates a greater fear of death or of life.


This was really mind-blowing for me because after serious reflection I realize I’m afraid of life to a certain degree. I’ve missed many opportunities since I’ve been in San Diego because I have this deeper fear of living to my fullest. I don’t know what it feels like and mediocrity is where my security. Living on the outskirts of what I’m capable of…Mind blown.

I feel like when I was in high school, I felt so pressured from my family that I was afraid of dying in that house. I actually told my friends this. I was afraid of dying at home without accomplishing anything so I took every opportunity presented to me. Today I realize that I’ve switched, I mean I had noticed the change in myself. I just thought I had lost my drive but I realize that I developed this fear of living…

This has to stop! I don’t like it and I want to be successful…

I’ve noticed in the past week since going to meetups and talking with people that I’m starting to get my drive back. It’s not enough though. I want to be fully emerged in finding opportunities and I’m willing to fight for it. 


Hello Dear Reader,

I don’t know if any of you are familiar with the website but in the last week I’ve become increasingly interested in this site. Here’s why:

I don’t know about you all, but it is very difficult for me to find the motivation to workout by myself. It is much easier for me to work out if I have a buddy.

What I like about is that you can find a group for just about anything or even start your own group. I found an awesome free yoga class in my area that I’m going to try to go to.

When you decide to go to an event, say “Yoga in the Park” you can RSVP for that event if you want to. That RSVP option has become a major help to me. It’s a more concrete commitment, at least for me, and it helps me actually spend time doing the things I am trying to do. It helps me make time for working out, learning languages, and I should totally start one for blogging because sadly I’m not being as faithful as I want to be :(.

Anywho, since signing up, I’ve been to three workout classes in the past 5 days. That’s probably more than I’d do in a month on my own. It’s sad I know…please don’t judge. Overall I love the site and recommend it to everyone.

So a little story:

I went to a Fitness Group Meetup this evening and had an awesome time. Afterwards I spoke with one of the organizers (Jess) about some of my goals.

In this talk I realized that one of my motivations for becoming healthy is my dream to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor with all my heart and soul, but I can’t be a hypocrite and give health advice to others when I myself am unhealthy. Because of this, I am even more determined to get my health on track. I did a wellness evaluation today and I will post the results. I plan on doing it 1-2 a month to keep track. I don’t have a tape measure, but I’ll get one and post that to. I’ve heard by announcing such measurements one can feel even more obligated to get in shape. I’m going to give it a try although I’m a little nervous.

I’m feeling surprisingly motivated this week. I hope it lasts.

Age: 21

Height: 5 Feet, 2.5 inches

Weight: 184.0 aiming for 141

Body Fat %: 43.1 aiming for 20%

Body Water %: 41.1 aiming for 50%

Muscle Mass: 99.5 aiming for 120

Physique Rating: 3 aiming for 6

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate): 1537

Metabolic Age: 64 aiming for 21

Bone Mass: 5.4: This is okay

Visceral Fat: 7: aiming for 4

So what I’ve learned:

1. Making concrete commitments can help you reach your goals.

2. Commitment+Motivation=Success. You can make all the RSVPs, Appointments, and Power Walks with Friends you want but if you don’t have the drive and motivation, you won’t actually keep those commitments.

3. Find out what drives and motivates you. It has to come from within, because if you rely on others for motivation one day you can lose it.

4. Scales can be misleading, and can damage moral. Try measuring your waist. I’ve lost a lot of size but my weight hasn’t changed.

Note: Got my new business cards two weeks ago, I’ve given out two already and I’m feeling awesome about it.