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Weekly Affirmation

Good morning Dear Reader, 

This week’s affirmation: 

“I honor my commitments to myself and others.”

Last week went very well in terms of going through the exercises of the book and really evaluating where I am in life. If you did read last week’s posts, thank you. 

As a reminder, this quote comes from a book called Soul Coaching by Denise Linn. It is a self-help book dedicated to discovering one’s authentic self. It is a 28-Day program full of activities to help you clear and cleanse the different aspects of your life. Again, I will be spreading it across 28 weeks and I’d invite you to come along with me on this journey.

If you’d like the book for yourself, you can find it on amazon here. You can also visit Denise Linn’s website here.

As with last week, each of my posts this week will focus on this prompt. 

Thank you very much for reading. 

Warm Regards, 



Good evening Dear Reader,

Something that I noticed today. I have a problem with consistency. Some days I have very productive days. I crush my to do list, I’m motivated all day, and I feel like the best version of myself.

Although it’s unrealistic to expect that I’ll feel that way everyday, I wish I could cultivate that feeling on a daily basis.

I have been trying to be sneaky with my time recently. For example, I have to go to work everyday. I have to travel via public transit everyday. So on my way to work, I’ve been writing a poem and 1 other writing task. On my way home, I read. Utilizing an already established pattern to form new habits has been helpful.

The only downside is that if I deviate from that (sick days or off days) it messes up with the other goals I have.

It’s a work in progress 😁😂.

Warm Regards,


The Dream

Good morning Dear Reader,

I have an image in my head of what I want my life to be like. My deepest fear is that I’ll never live up to that image.

That I’ll fall short and live a life of mediocrity, always just chasing the image. I don’t want to wake up in another 10 or 20 years and realize I’d wasted my life doing things that didn’t serve me.

To go in theme with this week’s affirmation I acknowledge that I do have many talents. Right now today I will use them. Everyday I want to use them. To grow, to improve…to become the greatest writer I can be.

It’s tiring, to live a life you don’t want. To do “what you have to” while you get further and further from your dream life. It hurts.

It’s crazy that I am more willing to help someone else with their dream than develop my own. I need to stop that. I’m worthy of happiness too. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that.

Instead, I’m taking baby steps to become a fulltime writer. Since I didn’t know where to start, I flailed around a few years but now I have a road map at least. Admittedly it looks like it was written in a toddler’s hand but it’s better than nothing.

My goal is to make writing my sole source of income. At the same time, I don’t want to live a life where I regret getting a side of avocado because it was an extra $2. I don’t want to be a starving artist. Besides I have cats to feed.

I’m a little lost though.

Step one: Have the desire to write. Okay cool, went to school for that.

Step two: Have a blog? Um…yep kinda.

Step three: Have a website. Yup! Right here.

Step four: Make money? 🤔🤔🤔

Well…I maybe missing some steps 😅 but that’s the general idea. In short, I have no idea what I’m doing.

<insert cute puppy in science lab meme>

Warm Regards,


Personal Update

Good morning Dear Reader,

2019 is nearly over and it’s been a good year. If I had to give it a name, it’d be the “Year of Personal Development”

I had many growing pains this year. I began this year with a little vacation, to set my focus on my writing goals. Every January I travel for a few days and work on my craft. I read, meditate, relax and write.

This years retreat went really well and I have achieved one of the goals I set, finishing my first ebook. Now, it’s not edited but it is finished and that’s half the battle.

A couple months later I decided I needed to focus on my physical health. I began this year around 205-210 and miserable. Through a series of weight loss challenges, recommitment to the gym, diet changes, and 3 rounds of b12 shots with appetite suppressants over the course of 6 months, I’ve gotten down to 174lbs. I’ve change a lot of my habits and I’m nearly at my goal. Though I haven’t decided what my true goal is. I’m more concerned with how I look rather than the number. My benchmarks are 170, 165, and 160. Depending on how I lok and feel will determine if I keep going.

Somewhere along the line, I started searching for myself. I realized I’ve been slacking on my personal development so I’ve been meeting more people, exploring different facets of life, and really think about what makes me happy.

In terms of mental health, I’ve noticed my lows are much higher compared to years prior. I attribute this to exploring and focusing on myself. That’s not to say this year has been without darkness. There were some moments I felt like I couldn’t go on but rather than deal with it alone, I opened up to my boyfriend about it. I don’t often share that side with him but he was there. We talked it out, we hugged, I cried and we got through it together.

In terms of relationships, this year has been great for us. We recently celebrated out 5 year anniversary and we talked about our different personality types and how to navigate our differences. It was a wonderful experience.

Other than that 🤔 I’ve started writng poetry, something I always avoided. I have been using poetry as therapy and have started writing a poem a day or every other day.

That’s about everything going on in my life currently. I have many more goals though and I’m so eager to take this journey into myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Until next time,


Trying Again

Good evening Dear Reader,

I finally decided that I want this blog to be a personal blog. For a long time, I wasn’t sure the direction I wanted to take this blog.

At first I just talked about random things, then I struggled with wanting to specialize in something. Everywhere I look, writers left and right suggest choosing a niche.

For many years, I felt so conflicted. Do I scrap this one? Do I start another one? So rather than think about it too much and risk the frustration that comes with too many choices, I just avoided it.

But, as with everything I try to push to the corner of my mind, the thought of my little blog haunted me. I want to be a “blogger”. As a writer, blogging is one of the easiest way to work my craft.

So, yet again, I’m going to start up this blog again. I decided to keep all my posts and do a little reorganizing. I had been doing some reading and the idea that “it’s never too late” keeps coming up.

I do feel guilty that I’ve fallen off so many times and I do apologize to those who do read my blog…but I hope you’ll forgive me as I try to start up again.

Warmest Regards~

Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra

Good evening Dear Reader,

I recently found out that the crown chakra cannot be blocked, but rather it can be more or less developed in each person. Someone with a more developed crown chakra are able to quiet there minds. They are free from negative voices, or at least can silence them.

I think this is especially important for people who suffer from depression. Often, our thoughts are so negative. A testament to a strong crown chakra is a low amount of negative thoughts. If you find yourself plagued with them, try cleansing this chakra by meditating and working through your thought records.

The thought record, as explained in this post, is used to analyze our negative thoughts. You break it down and critically think about each negative statement until you have a more balanced statement. What I like to do is take my new balanced statement and repeat as a mantra. I do this until the new statement feels more true than the negative statement. This has helped a lot.

By doing both something tangible as well as the meditation, you can get your crown chakra nice and clean.

Warm Regards,




Good evening Dear Reader,

I hope your week was amazing. Congratulate yourself on all of your hard work this week. Whether you went to school, went to work, or managed to just get out of bed this week: congratulations. Did you do some self work this week? If so, keep up the good job. If not, there’s always this next week.

If there is something that you would like to see in this blog, please comment. What is helpful to you? Do you enjoy the affirmations? Is there something you want to see more of?

Let me know in the comments.

Warm Regards,


Ajna: The Third Eye Chakra

Good evening Dear Readers,

This week, I’ve been talking a little bit about battling our personal demons. One of the signs of an unbalanced Third Eye chakra is a lack of clarity. You feel a little bit lost and you can see your vision clearly.

This evening and the rest of this week as yourself:

Where am I headed in life?

Where do I want to be in 1, 5, or 10 years from now?

Is what I’m doing now aligning with what I want to be in the future?

What is most important to me at the end of the day?

Really consider these things. Create a vision statement and post it where you can see it. Look at it daily and remember why you are doing what you are doing. Don’t get lost in the grind of day to day life. Remember what is most important and know that your goals are achievable.

Warm Regards,