Somber Thoughts

Good evening Dear Reader,

I was accustomed to fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of judgment.

I’m sure if I thought a bit more I could find reasons why but it’s more important to work on letting go of those fears.

I say “was” because I’m actively trying to change that. To live more authentically and honestly. To acknowledge the fear but dance past it.

I was watching a video recently

It was such an interesting concept. Even if one doesn’t believe in this sort of possibility, it is incredibly interesting to consider.

The oneness of everyone. It was incredibly terrifying yet beautiful to think about. I felt so alone yet so connected in a moment. It was empowering yet made one question meaning.

Since this video, it assured me that it’s more than okay to be me and to live how I’d like. To experience things as fully as I can and that my existence is unique.

Yes these are things I’ve already known but it was nice to have additional outside confirmation.

In anycase, there’s many things to pontificate on. I hope you have a great evening Dear Reader.

Warm Regards,

Shannon M.

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