Greetings-Fresh Start

Good Evening Dear Reader,

It feels good to be behind a keyboard yet again. I hope you all had peaceful holidays and are feeling well. Even though I don’t write as often as “ideal Shannon” would like to, it makes me all the more happier when I do start to write again.

So a few things that have been recent for me.

I’ve begun a new page in terms of spirituality. I’ve come to the conclusion that some of my issues including the depressive episode I experienced last year, may have originated from spiritual unrest. I’m dedicating this year to delve deeper into my spiritual side. I’ve also realized that some things that I believed in before, I don’t believe anymore and that’s hard to deal with. As long as I keep in my mind and heart that I need to search for my own truth, I think I’ll be okay though. I’ll keep you updated on this journey 🙂

Somethings that I learned at the end of 2014:

Things will be okay. Sometimes we go into periods where we feel lost and everything seems wrong or hopeless….but it’s not. It’s never hopeless. It may be dark for a little while, but the sun will rise tomorrow regardless. There were things that I needed to let go of last year. Fear, a broken and emotionally draining relationship, self-hatred and doubt. Even though it was a long process, I slowly replaced fear with hope, a broken relationship with a new and loving one, and self-hatred and doubt with understanding and patience. Things will be okay no matter what, remember that Dear Reader.

You know me enough by now to know that I get head over my heels with my goals, and of course I’ve set a mountain of resolutions that I’m technically behind on already. However! One idea that a co-worker gave me was something I’m calling “The Accomplishment Box”. He said to write down everything that I accomplish and put it into the box, then at the end of the year, review them all. I feel like for a person like me, who gets overwhelmed and who sets up too many goals, this is perfect. So I’m going to try to do that this year instead of mourning the loss of my unaccomplished resolutions.

I’d like to say, “I’m going to blog every week!” but let’s face it. We all know that will last maybe 1-2 weeks then I’ll end up writing an apologetic post haha. So, in order to avoid that, I suppose I’ll take the “Say it with your actions” approach and see how that works.

Honestly I don’t know what direction to take this blog in. I don’t know if I should start a new one, or rededicate it….I’m not sure how interesting my life would be for you. I need to find a cause…a reason to write but I’m not sure yet. When I do find that reason, I’ll be sure to edge the blog in that direction. For now I suppose, spirituality will be the focus.

Now, I’d like to make it clear that when I talk about Spirituality, I’m not necessarily going to talk about Christianity or the Christian God….I’m more so talking about spirituality in terms of the soul and it’s connection to the universe.

One thing that I’ve been doing is meditating. It’s so hard, but it’s so fulfilling. I’ve made it to 10 min without quitting! (That should go in my box) It’s a little easier to focus but my mind wanders so much that it’s challenging. I’ve been doing it a few days a week, and I have noticed that I’m more happy in general. I think that meditation is recommended across the board no matter what religion, I suppose it depends on what your intention is that makes it acceptable….So I suppose if you’re Christian, and felt its a slippery slope to paganism, if you’re meditating on Bible verses then it’s okay, right?

I don’t know. Personally, I try to focus my energy on repairing my emotional state, to mending my own heart and trying to change my core beliefs. I breathe in healing, love, understanding and breathe out sickness, hatred and judgement (in a form that other beings cannot absorb it) <—- I always add this part because I’m like “what if I’m breathing out all these negative things. and some other being breathes them out. That would suck so much for them” and the thought makes me feel really bad so I add this little thing.

Anywho, another thing I’ve been doing is stepping up my tea game. I’ve been going to specialty (haha) shops and getting whole leaves of different types of tea and using them for medicinal purposes. I love it and it’s been helpful in my opinion. For those who are depressed St. John’s Wort (in tea form) + Camomile is an amazing combination. I drink that a couple of days weekly and honestly, I haven’t had a glimpse of a depressive episode.

That’s not to say this is a cure, and I’m not a doctor or anything. Plus, I’ve been doing a combination of things. I changed my settings, my relationship, my habits and I’ve started meditating so it could be a combo of things that’s been helping me. On the other hand, it’s worth a shot if you’re up for it and it’s pretty inexpensive (a few dollars per oz and an oz will last awhile).

Well, that’s all I have for you for now Dear Reader 🙂 I hope you have a pleasant night and good vibes to you.

Until Next Time

Shannon aka Diadora


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