30 Day Intention

Good Evening Dear Reader,

I mentioned previously that the 30Days of You Challenge is starting tomorrow. I wanted to share what my goals are for the next 30 Days.

-Journal Daily

-GRAPES Daily (see https://smomeyers.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/cognitive-behavioral-therapy/ for more information about GRAPES)

-Blog Daily

-Daily Positive Self-Talk

-Read Daily

-Dance more

-Get to 166lbs

-Add 2 New Drawings to my collection

-Add 2 New Short stores to my collection

-Learn something new daily

This may be ambitious but I want to aim big. I am sharing this list with you Dear Reader because when you share your intentions, it’s easier to reach them. I’m sorry this is such a short post and maybe not as helpful as per usual but I just wanted to share.

I hope you have a pleasant evening and I wish many positive feelings upon you ^_^


Shannon aka Diadora (still contemplating this)


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