Weekly Writing Challenge

Hello Dear Reader,

This post will be a bit different. I came across another blog that challenged me to write and became intrigued (the link is below). So this is one of the challenges. I will write about my earliest memory for ten straight minutes.

Starting now:

I looked up at my mama who assured me that a sleep over would be fun. I was almost four-I was a big girl. That didn’t matter to me, as my Aunt Cindy headed toward her house, I cried for my mama. Something about not being with her frightened me. It felt as if I wouldn’t see her again. Whether that was true or not was besides the point. My god sister Sarah sat next to me in the back seat. I don’t know what she was doing because all I could think of was that I might never see mama again. My older sister was already away at my nana’s house. She had already left me and I didn’t want to be without my mama as well. Suddenly we were at Aunt Cindy’s house. Sarah and I had a pillow fight and I’m not sure where I slept. I remember the two of us tumbling together and the fun stopped when Aunt Cindy told us to go to bed. I don’t remember what I had for breakfast or when I took a bath. I do remember exploring the house. It was so big and it hurt my neck to look up at the heaven-like ceiling. I looked in Tanessa’s room. She was Sarah’s older sister and the same age as my big sister Wanda. I remember her bed spread was lighter and her room was very light. It was a sharp contrast to Tim’s room. He was Sarah’s older brother. I went into his room even though I wasn’t supposed to. Something about his darkened and mysterious room seemed intriguing to me. Heaven and Earth was the contrast. Everything was so big and as I went in to explore my mama called me. She had been sitting on the couch for who knows how long. When did she even get there?

Well that was 10 minutes. Surprisingly I thought I would have gotten much more written. Although it’s harder to write when I’m focusing on remembering something such as a first memory. That was fun though. I think I’ll take another challenge soon.



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